COVID-19 Update

I have some exciting news for you! We are welcoming people back this Sunday to worship in person! It has been several weeks since we have gathered and we feel like we can safely have people to come back and worship. But I have a few request for you:

1) If you have a good stable internet connection at home and you feel like you can watch from home please do. This will help keep crowding from occurring at church.

2) If you are comfortable wearing a mask please do so! While we think it would be best if everyone wore one we want to acknowledge you are responsible for your own health and you can make what decision is best for you. But please respect those who choose to wear them. Once you are in your seat I think it is safe to remove your mask if you want to.

3) Please refrain for the time being from hugging or handshaking. I know it seems silly but we want to do our best to stay open!

4) Please sit with your own families or households.

5) Please maintain distance between seating groups.

We are looking forward to having you back this Sunday!

Blessings! -Pastor Clint

p.s. if there is someone you know without internet or Facebook please pass this along to them!